EXRT Network

Learn about our team and roadmap.

Our Team

The entire EXRT consists of experts around the world: 4 core & 2 volunteer developers, and a great community.
Yon Jung

JS, Solidity developer. Has experience working with Ethereum and other blockchains for over 4 years. Launched private blockchain for Korean enterprise data company.

Zhuan Wen

Solidity, Golang developer. 《以太坊》中国深圳 member, executed fair distribution of EXRN tokens during the launch, built TAI from scratch.

Vadim Belov
Head of EXRNpay

& EXRNex

Java, C# and Python developer. Has a deep vision on how decentralized exchanges should operate and how to make people use them. Working on EXRNchain western enterprise expansion.

Nassim Bahloul
UX Designer

& Front-End Developer

Extensive background in UI/UX and web development. Has over 10 years of experience working for large corporations, such as SAP.

EXRT Network Roadmap

Our roadmap shows our current achievements and sets our project’s objectives for the next years.
January 2018

Connection between 2 simple ledgers established without smart contract implementation.

May 2018
Establishing triple-chain connection

Connecting multiple 'simple ledgers' one-by-one to establish working data transfer.

October 2018
Double-sided crosschain transactions

Creating EXRNchain asks and bids system (later to be used in swaps and exchanges) to execute double-sided crosschain transactions.

Q1 2019
EXRT Network Testnet

Launched EXRT testnet with smart contracts\dApps, testing of backend crosschain implementations.

EXRN & EXRT Development

Backend and TAI development. Bilateral crosschain improvements. Testnet adjustments. Brand new EXRT application. Introduction of EXRNchain Alias.

EXRT Alphanet Development

Development of EXRNchain core crosschain functionality. Troubleshooting and finalization of alpha protocol vision.

2021 - 2022
EXRNchain & EXRT Network Alphanet

Private EXRT testnet that will have alpha protocol of EXRNchain (crosschain ability) connected to it. Main backbone for testing crosschain and audition of issues.

EXRNchain & EXRT Network Betanet

Beta version of EXRNchain is released on the public EXRT testnet, connecting with public testnets of other blockchains.

EXRNchain 1.0 Release & Launch of EXRT Mainnet

Launch of EXRNchain Crosschain Network 1.0. Launch of EXRT Mainnet & swap of ERC20 EXRT tokens to EXRT mainnet coins. EXRNchain protocol and documentation released. EXRN Community Governance Fund (ECGF) established.

EXRNex & EXRNswaps Beta

Beta of two exciting project based on EXRNchain: EXRNex - Decentralized Exchange / EXRNswaps - Atomic Swaps